About Us

SVP Industries is one of the leading Detergent Chemical - Manufacturers / Suppliers in Bangalore, India. We are the leading manufacturer of fabric whitener, liquid blue, powder blue, washing powder since 1980's.

The company was founded by Shri Rajendra in year 1980. We are known as India’s leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of liquid blue, powder blue, instant liquid blue and also Detergent Powder.

Our best products well recognized by many customers as one of the most reliable and prominent products in the industry.

Core Values @ SVP


Because of our best quality processes in manufacturing our products got popularity, we are maintaining the quality deliverables since beginning of our company. It is always maintain our sincere efforts to manufacture best quality products.

Customer Satisfaction

At SVP, our main focus is always of our customers satisfaction. Every individual of SVP team has the core objective to deliver best quality product which would bring smiles on the faces of our customer and retain our customers. Our customers can get 100% Satisfaction by using our products.


At SVP we always manufacturing the new and best quality products for our esteemed customers that is what we do every day at SVP. It is because of our sincere efforts and also our hard-work, we are able to provide best in class products to our esteemed customers. The same efforts and planning is helping us get new customers always & also it will help us to introduce new products !!!

Security & Sustainability

Our concern for our customers is not only limited to manufacturing best quality products which intern our customer satisfaction. We also give sincere focus "customer and also environment safety and sustainability". So, while manufacturing the products at SVP, we take these criteria in consideration.